is up to you, for I’m no good at the housebreaking stunt.”

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"'Woman, be silent,' he replied, and he said nothing more. He did not tell his dream for many years afterward. Not until he was a very old man and about to die, did Hachah tell any one how he thought he could fly."

is up to you, for I’m no good at the housebreaking stunt.”

And at this they all laughed louder than ever.

is up to you, for I’m no good at the housebreaking stunt.”

XII First Impressions of Civilization

is up to you, for I’m no good at the housebreaking stunt.”

I WAS scarcely old enough to know anything definite about the "Big Knives," as we called the white men, when the terrible Minnesota massacre broke up our home and I was carried into exile. I have al- ready told how I was adopted into the family of my father's younger brother, when my father was betrayed and imprisoned. We all supposed that he had shared the fate of those who were executed at Mankato, Minnesota.

Now the savage philosophers looked upon ven- geance in the field of battle as a lofty virtue. To avenge the death of a relative or of a dear friend was considered a great deed. My uncle, accord- ingly, had spared no pains to instill into my young mind the obligation to avenge the death of my father and my older brothers. Already I looked eagerly forward to the day when I should find an opportunity to carry out his teachings. Mean- while, he himself went upon the war-path and re- turned with scalps every summer. So it may be imagined how I felt toward the Big Knives!

On the other hand, I had heard marvelous things of this people. In some things we despised them; in others we regarded them as wakan (mysterious), a race whose power bordered upon the superna- tural. I learned that they had made a "fire- boat." I could not understand how they could unite two elements which cannot exist together. I thought the water would put out the fire, and the fire would consume the boat if it had the shadow of a chance. This was to me a preposterous thing! But when I was told that the Big Knives had cre- ated a "fire-boat-walks-on-mountains" (a loco- motive) it was too much to believe.

"Why," declared my informant, "those who saw this monster move said that it flew from moun- tain to mountain when it seemed to be excited. They said also that they believed it carried a thunder-bird, for they frequently heard his usual war-whoop as the creature sped along!"

Several warriors had observed from a distance one of the first trains on the Northern Pacific, and had gained an exaggerated impression of the won- ders of the pale-face. They had seen it go over a bridge that spanned a deep ravine and it seemed


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